How Much Will The Various Apple Watch Models Cost?

Added on by Daniel Kuney.

I'm about to do something against my better judgment, which is to say I'm going to take a stab at guessing Apple Watch pricing without having any appropriate knowledge with which to make such a guess. But guessing is fun and it will be interesting to see how wrong I am when actual pricing is announced. 

That out of the way, let's start with what we (mostly) know, which is that the base Apple Watch Sport will be $349. Next, I have to imagine that there will be a premium for the bigger 42mm size. How much of a premium? $100 seems too much - that's the difference between the 6 Plus and 6. 

At the same time, $50 doesn't seem quite enough. But Apple doesn't seem to mind throwing an extra $30 onto popular numbers like $50 and $100. Want LTE with your iPad? That's an extra $130. So $80 seems like a respectable Apple-like premium for an extra 4mm, landing the base price at $429 for the larger Sport model.

The pricing for the stainless steel variant is a little harder to gauge. Smarter people than me suggest it will be around $1,000 but I just can't see that happening. While Apple has proven that they don't need to compete on price, they notably lowered the initial iPhone pricing by $200 shorty after launch after encountering price resistance to what was then a relatively new product category. 

So I think Apple will be more cautious in their pricing of the stainless steel watch. A $100 jump from the Sport model probably isn't enough of a margin to cover the more expensive casing and sapphire glass, but anything over a base price $500 seems like a tough sell so I'm going to go with a starting price of $499. Add $80 for the 42mm for $579.

I also imagine some bands might be more expensive than others, adding another premium if, say, you want the stainless steel band. 

I'm not going to take a stab at guessing the price for the gold Edition model. The same smart person from above has suggested $5,000 though. He tends to be right about these kinds of things. 

Check back in April when actual pricing is announced and I try to back down from just how wrong I got it.