Initial Thoughts on the Jumbo Sized iPhone 6 Plus

Added on by Daniel Kuney.

The great debate of 2014, at least for those looking to purchase a new iPhone, is whether to go with the big iPhone 6 or the even bigger iPhone 6 Plus. Even those of us who have already purchased one of the new iPhones remain conflicted if we’ve made the right choice.  

After the first 72 hours with the new jumbo sized iPhone 6 Plus I can say that the larger screen makes many iPhone tasks a more immersive and pleasurable experience.

Most notably, it is the best iPhone yet for reading. Whether I’m on my couch or commuting on the subway, being able to see almost a full page at once of perfectly crisp text is a much better simulation of reading a book or newspaper. 

It’s also far easier to type on the 6 Plus. The larger tap targets on the keyboard means greater accuracy and far less moments of agony when you just can’t quite seem to press the right letter.

The 6 Plus’s jumbo screen also makes long form writing a much more manageable undertaking. I am typing this review (almost) entirely on the 6 Plus while commuting on the subway. Being able to see multiple paragraphs at once is allowing me to much better gauge the structure and feel of this piece.

I will say, the new onscreen keyboard that Apple introduced with iOS 8 has done some of the heavy lifting, but the benefits of the larger screen while typing cannot be understated. 

Sadly, there are some drawbacks to a device this big. Mainly, it’s hard to transport from place to place without making some compromises.  The 6 Plus doesn’t fully fit into my jeans pockets and I can only just barely shove it into my coat pocket. I’m not sure how I’m going to carry this thing during the summer when I’m not wearing a coat with big pockets.

Further, the 6 Plus does present some etiquette problems. Personally, I don’t like to leave my iPhone on the table while out to dinner. It seems to suggest that I have more important things to do or that I’m not fully present. However, I cannot manage to sit down with the 6 Plus still in my pocket. 

And finally, I can no longer bring my phone to some of the places I used to, namely the gym, while on a run or biking. It just won’t fit into the smaller pockets of my workout clothes.

So 72 hours in, I’m both reveling in how much more useful the larger screen is and also deeply torn over the tradeoffs of carrying such a mammoth device with me.  And I’m as yet undecided on how this will all play out. I’d like to try to fit the larger phone into my life, but it will require accepting some compromises.  

Are you torn between the 6 and the 6 Plus? Let me know on Twitter which iPhone you’re contemplating or what your dilemmas are.