A Plea to Pause Email

Added on by Daniel Kuney.

Many of us feel overwhelmed and burnt out by email.  We have too much, more keeps coming in and we just don’t know how we’ll ever get on top of it.  

While there have been some noteworthy attempts to fix email (I’m a big fan of an app called Mailbox) none of them have yet tacked the underlying problem: we can’t manage our inboxes fast enough to keep up with the constant flood of new email.  To fix email we have to somehow slow it down.  

So this is my suggestion (more like a plea) to the courageous developers trying to fix email: please add a pause button to your email clients that lets users temporarily stop both incoming and outgoing email.  

Going into pause mode would allow users to do everything they normally do in their email client: read, respond, archive and search emails.  However,  users would be able to work without the distraction of new email coming in or generating replies more quickly than they can handle.

I’m thrilled that companies like Mailbox and MailPilot are trying to make big changes to how we manage email.  But a small change like this could make email a much more pleasant experience for a lot of people.