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Why I Downsized From The iPhone 6 Plus

Added on by Daniel Kuney.

As love affairs go, my relationship with the iPhone 6 Plus was relatively brief: about three months. You may recall that when I first fell for the 6 Plus I fell hard.

To be fair, there’s a lot I’m going to miss about the jumbo sized iPhone 6 Plus. The keyboard is downright luxurious, making typing anything longer than a paragraph a mostly pleasurable mobile experience. And the battery easily lasts longer than a day, almost entirely mitigating the need for a midday charge.

And yet, when I decided to experiment with the smaller sized iPhone 6 it was immediately clear that the Plus had been a mistake. When I need to skip a track on Spotify, use Apple Pay or glance at an incoming text I can pull the 6 in and out of my pocket in seconds. 

I just didn’t have the same experience with the 6 Plus. Sitting on the subway I had to perform a complicated snake-like contortion act to maneuver the phone from my pocket. And paying with Apple Pay just felt clumsy.

As a runner, I also began to worry that the Plus wouldn't be a suitable link for the Apple Watch, which depends on a nearby iPhone for GPS.  The 6 can still fit into a running pouch or side pocket, but not the Plus.

And now that it’s winter the Plus isn’t so hard to fit into a large jacket pocket, but summer is (hopefully) right around the corner. When I want to hop on a Citibike or go for an afternoon walk I’m not sure where or how I would stow the Plus.  

Like my 11” MacBook Air, my favorite mobile technology simply disappears when not in use. I’m not dismissing the 6 Plus for everyone, but, for me, the larger phone just didn’t fit into my life.